Algarve Spas & Wellness Resorts

The Algarve is a beautiful region in the southernmost part of Portugal. It is a perfect place to spend your holidays. Its white sandy beaches, the relaxing sea breeze, the perfect temperatures for a holiday, and the pocket-friendly amenities will […]

Magnificent Beaches In Algarve

The Algarve is a coastal region in southern Portugal. It has some of the finest beaches in Europe. It combines spectacular stretches of white sand a Mediterranean climate, peaceful atmosphere and wonderful waves. The magnificent beaches in Algarve are perfect […]

Water Sports In Algarve Portugal

When travelling abroad, many travelers want water centered activities. Water sports in Algarve Portugal can satisfy all tastes when it comes to water sports. Do you get that buoyant feeling when immersed in the blue shimmery waters? What is it […]

Traditional Food In Algarve

Those living in and traveling to the Algarve will experience some of the best regional cuisine. After you book cheap flights to Faro airport and find lodging at one of the many hotels in Algarve you will take airport to […]

Excellent Algarve Golf Courses

The Algarve is a beautiful province located in the southernmost part of Portugal. The most important city of this region is Faro. This area of Portugal boasts of some of the nicest beaches, golf courses, fishing towns and amazing scenery […]

The Best Algarve Hotels

This post about the best Algarve hotels will be constantly edited and updated with new hotels and related information. We will organize the Algarve hotels by location and provide suitable options to fit every budget and hotel type. The Algarve […]

Weather In Algarve Portugal

There is nothing like the Algarve weather to cheer up even the most grumpy of personalities. Warm sunny days are the norm in this beautiful region in Portugal, that is one of the best locations in the world to enjoy […]

Saving Money On Algarve Holidays

Making Algarve your holiday destination is a delightful and exciting choice to spend your well deserved days off. The sun, fun, and beauty of the south of Portugal are all unique and full of surprises. The last thing you want […]

Historic Algarve Attractions

If you ever wanted to visit Algarve, Portugal, it is a beautiful place to visit. From its sunny seashores to the exciting nightlife, the Algarve is full of energy and there is always something exotic to do. As you are […]